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Problem Statement:

FDM load to Essbase/Planning clears more than just the current period data when using adapter ESS11XG4-J


The FDM Actions Load script has a built in clear that is fixed on Category, Period and Entity. While in HFM the replace method will clear everything for the Scenario/Year/Entity combination; in Essbase there is more flexibility on what is cleared out. Although FDM concatenates the Year and Period, when it loads to Essbase it still looks for separate variables.


Modify the clear section of the LOAD Actions script to include a fix on Year.

From within the FDM Workbench client; open the Actions-LOAD script, search for ‘CLEARDATA’. Make sure you are at the section show in the screenshot below (around row 215).


The Out of the box clear script is set to clear the Category, Period and Entity in the Point of View, as shown in the screenshot above.

To capture the Year; first define the Year as ‘strTargYear’, then add it to the clear section as shown in the screenshot below.


After this change is made and the script is saved, the next time the data is loaded through the full FDM process the data for prior years should not be cleared.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Back up the script and all data first and test this in a development environment before implementing anything of this nature in Production.