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FDMEE’s Universal Data Adapter (UDA) allows you to pull records from an external table or view. The UDA can be utilized to connect to a source database’s table or view when a standard FDMEE adapter is not available. When defining the UDA as a Source Adapter, filters can be applied by configuring parameters on “Parameters” tab.

Note: All screenshots and narrative relate to FDMEE version

In the following example, we have configured a UDA (Source Adapter) to pull data from a view named “V_UDA_TEST”. There are five fields in the view.


We configure our filters by selecting the “Parameters” tab. We have defined filters for identifying the Period, Year and SalesType (Internal versus External Sales).


By defining the Source Adapter parameters, we can use them when executing our location’s Data Load Rule (DLR).


When we execute the DLR, you can see that the only records pulled into the location are ones for Jan-2010 with a SalesType of Internal (“I”).


If we change the SalesType to External (“E”), save and execute the DLR, then only the External related Sales record is Imported.


Hopefully this illustration helps clarify how UDA parameters can be setup to filter the records you want pulled into FDMEE from an external table or view.