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CheckPoint is introducing an Infrastructure Assessment to add to its current list of Infrastructure Offerings.

Currently, CheckPoint offers a Basic EPM Installation which includes everything you need to get up and running with your Oracle EPM System; Architecture Sizing, Installation, Verification Testing and Documentation. We also offer a broader EPM Installation option, which includes items such as Backup and Recovery, Performance Testing, Disaster Recovery and Lifecycle Management. CheckPoint also offers Oracle EPM Infrastructure Training, customized for you and delivered at your location.

CheckPoint's Oracle EPM Assessment will encompass Infrastructure, Application and Solution in a complete System Assessment. The Assessment will include an Infrastructure resource to review your nonfunctional requirements, Architecture sizing and implementation, installation and configuration, Instance strategy, backup and recovery procedures, DR processes, Lifecycle Management and any known pain points. An Application expert will review your application design, business requirements and your processes and procedures. They will also review any current issues and discuss new requirements and unmet expectations. A Solution Architect will review the overall corporate EPM Strategy and analyze the EPM Solution as part of the larger corporate strategy.

CheckPoint will present our findings in a walkthrough of a Power Point Presentation. We will evaluate your implementation against other Oracle EPM Implementations and make recommendations based on our findings. Recommendations will include ‘quick wins’ that can be implemented with little effort and little to no downtime. They will also include strategic changes that will require more involvement to implement. CheckPoint will highlight the areas of greatest importance and where significant improvements can be achieved. CheckPoint will incorporate a plan to implement the recommended changes.

With the challenges of implementing Oracle EPMS and the changes in technology and system requirements, an Oracle EPM Assessment is great way to set your Oracle EPM System on the road to success.

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