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New Financial Reporting Web Studio and end of life for Web Analysis

Without a lot of fanfare, Oracle has released Financial Reporting PSU and PSU  Starting with these 700 series PSUs, Oracle has finally released a web based FR Studio which does not require a Windows based client. There are some limitations and differences in this new web based FR Studio and it is somewhat rudimentary, but, it seems to work pretty well.  Also of note, as of these 700 series of PSUs, Web Analysis has basically gone in to maintenance mode and will no longer be available for sale to new clients.  Please see the information below, from the readme:

New Features in Release

  • Upgraded Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting Chart Rendering Engine

Starting in Release, Financial Reporting uses an upgraded charting engine to improve report visualization. Because of the inherent differences between the old and new rendering engines, this upgrade has some impact on the rendered chart output and behavior. While Oracle has focused on maintaining the existing charting functionality, chart outputs from the upgraded engine may differ from those created using the old engine. See Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting Charting for detailed information.

  • New Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting Web Studio

Release includes Financial Reporting Web Studio, a web-based report authoring solution. Similar in look and feel to the Windows-based Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting Studio, the web-based Financial Reporting Web Studio incorporates usability improvements and report design paradigms. This release includes most of the functionality currently available in the Windows Reporting Studio.

The existing Windows Reporting Studio will still be available. Because the report definitions remain the same, you can edit existing reports using the Windows or web version of Financial Reporting Studio. See Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting Web Studio User's Guide for detailed information.

Financial Reporting Web Studio Limitations and Workarounds:

  • Reports with bar charts support the solid bar border style only. All other bar border styles are ignored.
  • Point values may not be displayed in the HTML preview of a chart that contains a large image. To display the point value, resize the image or the bar width, or decrease font sizes.
  • A previously-selected data range may not appear as selected in the Chart Properties dialog box.
  • In Financial Reporting charts, bar shape options such as Triangle bar, Diamond Bar, and Cylinder Bar that were available in the previous release as combo chart format options are not supported. Bar is the only bar shape option available in this release.
  • In reports containing combo charts, clicking the Refresh button may cause the primary and secondary axis labels to be hidden even if you selected the settings to display these labels in the report.
  • Grid depth and smooth font options are not available in Financial Reporting charts in this release.
  • Reports with pie charts support solid bar border style only. All other bar border styles are ignored.
  • Proper min, max, and step tic values on the y-axis and y2-axis do not always display correctly. The min label is not always present. Also, the step by value doesn't always increment from the min value (or decrements from the max value).
  • Financial Reporting Web Studio does not display hidden system level folders such as Administration, Broadcast Messages, Crystal Ball Workbooks and System. Additionally, folders that users mark as hidden (new and existing folders marked as hidden by changing their properties) are not displayed after the next refresh operation. To display hidden folders in Financial Reporting Web Studio, open the Properties screen for the folders, then deselect (uncheck) the hidden check box, and then perform a refresh operation. 

Here is the link to the full readme:

Some noteworthy screenshots:

New Workspace menu item to launch the FR Web Studio in a new browser window:


FR Web Studio:




You can also access the FR Web Studio directly, without logging in to Workspace, by going to http://server:19000/frdesigner