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Running a business of any size has many challenges and rewards. When we founded CheckPoint Consulting ten years ago, the market that we served and the general business landscape looked very different than it does today. As we were building the company we experienced the explosive growth of social media, the economic meltdown in 2008, the advent of big data, the ever-increasing demand for cloud-based solutions and many more factors that dramatically changed our service portfolio and also how we ran the company. While, as a growing consultancy, we experienced these challenges and opportunities in our own way, we reminded ourselves that our customers were also experiencing them. This awareness is at the core of our success – we understand that how we experience the market impacts the solutions we provide to our customers.

During the past ten years we have grown our team tremendously and successfully completed more than 500 projects. We began it all with a simple mission - To build the best Oracle Hyperion consultancy in North America by hiring the best people and providing fanatical customer satisfaction to every client. We believe we have accomplished that goal and in the process become a true leader in the Enterprise Performance Management space.

Even though many things in the corporate world have evolved, our company’s priorities remain steadfast:

  1. Operational Excellence – Keeping our operations streamlined helps our employees stay focused and engaged during a client’s project. With increasing globalization and emergence of our client’s new markets, there is a constant need to enhance our own efficiency. Our methodology, delivery tools, organizational agility, performance management, process improvement, IT alignment, risk analysis, cost integrity, continuous improvement, have all been implemented and are regularly updated to reach operational excellence.
  2. Customer relationships – When we started this journey we began with a solid emphasis of helping our clients reach their performance management targets. We relate to our client’s needs and goals mainly because they are our own goals. Because we stay focused on our client’s success, we now have over 500 successful projects on our resume.

What will help the client?

We ask ourselves this question almost every day. We began with a concentration on Financial Consolidations and Reporting. It’s no secret that growth and change are inevitable, and because of this willingness to learn from our clients we have added educational webinars and competencies to our profile. As we continue to evolve with our customers, we have added or enhanced the following offerings in the past year:

In short, the message is; when we stay focused on helping our client’s needs, we too will grow successfully.