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On-Premise FDMEE (Financial Data Quality Management Enterprise Edition) now supports both types of Oracle Cloud applications PBCS (Planning Budgeting Cloud Service) & FCCS (Financial Close Consolidation Cloud Service). This is great for companies that already have On-Premise FDMEE as it allows them to manage all of their “Data Management” applications in one place (supporting a mix of both On-Premise & Cloud Applications). Companies that don’t have it can benefit by having more scripting capabilities for your Cloud applications. Perhaps you were holding off on the Cloud applications because your applications are just too customized. If this is you, then your ship has sailed in! Want a demonstration? Contact us today!


Before you get started, there are several prerequisites that must be addressed

  • Know your cloud application URL (i.e.
  • The domain for your cloud application (i.e. a456577)
  • Have the appropriate security privileges to read/write to your PBCS or FCCS application
  • Install the SSL certificate in WebLogic (See section titled “Deploying Hybrid EPM Applications” in the FDMEE Admin Guide version (
  • *FDMEE PSU210 must be installed to connect to FCCS applications (optional for PBCS, but mandatory for FCCS)

Now that you have addressed all of the requisites above, it’s time to connect to your Cloud Application!

Step 1: Adding your Cloud target application



Step 2: Entering your Cloud target application connection details


*do not include /workspace/index.jsp in the URL

Step 3: Choosing your application type


That’s all there is to it! Now you can configure your new Cloud target application(s) just the same as you would for On-Premise target applications.