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Ever since the introduction of Lifecycle Management from the Shared Services GUI, in EPM v11, there has always been the problem of users needing to have access to the file system/SAN on the Shared Services server. Needless to say, this has always caused a contentious relationship between IT and business users.

In EPM v11.1.2.3, Oracle has introduced the capability to upload and download artifacts through your web browser. When artifacts are exported, they are zipped up automatically and placed on the Foundation services server. When you right click on the export folder name and click Download, within Shared Services, the zip file is downloaded to your local machine. There is a file size limit of 1.8GB.   If the artifacts are greater than 1.8GB, they will not be zipped up and you cannot download them through your browser. The actual folder structure will exist on the server’s file system, as in previous releases. You can get around this by breaking down your exports into smaller packages.

As long as artifact packages are in zip format, they can then be uploaded into another environment. You simply right click on the ‘File System’ folder, in Shared Services, click Upload, browse to your zip file location and click OK. It’s that simple.

Oracle has also introduced the ability to use Lifecycle Management to export/import Essbase Studio and Account Reconciliation Management (ARM) artifacts.

Lastly, and this is one of the best new Lifecycle Management features, a forthcoming patch set for EPM v11.1.1.4, EPM v11.1.2.1 and EPM v11.1.2.2 will allow you to export artifacts from these versions and import them directly into EPM This will upgrade your artifacts without the need to go through the regular upgrade process, using the EPM System Configurator, or doing application specific upgrades from within a product’s administration console (like Planning).

These are just a couple of the great new features that EPM has to offer. For more information, check the EPM documentation library here: