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This blog is to illustrate and walk you through the process of creating a CSV extract file from your Hyperion applications.  For this example, I’m using Oracle’s COMMA4DIM sample application.  Additionally, this is also useful for those who wish to use their Hyperion applications as a data source.

Step 1: Create your Custom Application



Step 2: Create import format and assign the dimensions



Now assign the dimensions …



Step 3: Configuring Application Options for your output file


Step 4: Create a Location




Step 5: Create maps for your new location

For this step, I chose to use a SQL mapping script since I’m using sample data and just needed for it to pass-through.


Step 6: Create a Data Load Rule

J10.png J11.png


Step 7: Customize the Output File (Optional)



This step is completely optional.  I put this in here for those of you that want to make advanced changes to the output file.  Maybe you don’t want the header row or perhaps you want to change the order of the columns on the output file.  The code snippet below shows you how to control the details written to the file while retaining the “Download” link from the “Process Details” screen by overwriting the system generated output.

That’s all folks! Questions?