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Disaster Recovery is a vast topic and on that gets a lot of press. It is also misunderstood and many times inadequately implemented. Application owners want a Disaster Recovery solution that can be implemented at their whim, requires virtually zero downtime, results in zero data loss, and can be rolled back just as easily. IT Administrators want a system that can be fully replicated using in house technology, costs nothing to implement or maintain, and can be failed over with almost no direct involvement. Neither of these is reasonable!

Remember the “Designer’s Holy Triangle’; Cheap, Fast, Good. When designing a Disaster Recovery solution you must pick two. One of the key drivers in your selection should be your actual requirements. Many times disaster recovery is solutioned without ever having consulted the business or application owners to identify or understand their actual requirements. Are all Production applications required in a DR scenario? What level of resiliency is necessary in a DR environment? Will the system touch points and integrations change in DR? Will a full complement of users access the system in a DR scenario? What are the actual Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO)? And what costs are you willing to accept to meet those requirements? Many of these questions are never asked or not fully answered or understood; by one or both sides. For example, an application owner that insists on an RPO of zero (zero data loss) for an Essbase application, likely doesn’t understand the implications in terms of downtime to meet this ‘requirement’. The requirements must be gathered and challenged to ensure 1) that they are truly ‘requirements’ and 2) that the costs for meeting the requirements are understood.

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