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Happy New Year – 2018!

It’s a great New Year -- are all your Reports and Smartsheets updated for the New Year? Now is a good time to take an inventory and review all your reports.

  • Make sure all your reports are retrieving properly for the New Year. Validate the year, the scenario, and the current year.
  • Review the reports for hard coding and or to confirm that they are time dynamic.
  • Review all multi year trending reports for proper time and scenario retrieval for current and prior year date retrieval.
  • Consider updating reports that are static to dynamic time function within the reports if not already written with dynamic time function.
  • Update reports if possible using standardized column and or row templates. This will minimize ongoing maintenance in the future.
  • Review target audience requirements and consider using query prompts for running reports adding more dynamic features, than relying on system admin updating and or maintaining the reports.
  • Catalog reports with brief narrative and eliminate redundant reports if possible.

Successful and accurate reporting is contingent on both accurate data, and stable, timely, consistent reporting. Keep your reports cataloged, relevant, and accurate. Perform regular updates and maintenance, to keep your internal customers happy.