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As an update to CheckPoint’s Blog on May 10th on the subject of Oracle’s EPM release, we are posting our latest findings. The testing, and subsequent results are from our lab environment using simple test applications. The results may or may not be indicative of what we would expect to find in a “real-world” example. Your mileage may vary!

The installation process itself is nearly identical to the process, the absence of the Reporting and Analysis Framework & Services and Disclosure Management selections being the only differences. Similarly the Configuration process is all but the same as well, save for the same absences. It is important to note that the elimination of the Reporting and Analysis components eliminates the option to do an “in place upgrade”. 

Requiring a new environment and installation also requires migrating/upgrading current EPM applications and content; the gorilla in the room! According to Oracle’s documentation there is no upgrade path, applications must be recreated. While we at CheckPoint don’t want to contradict Oracle’s official position, we have had some success migrating HFM, Planning, Essbase and Financial Reporting content from an existing environment to an instance. Again, these were simple test applications and reports, however our results lead us to the conclusion that it may be possible to upgrade a client’s applications from to using common methods.